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Venezuela’s sham May 20 elections will not save Maduro – economic crisis will haunt him


16/05/2018 – MiamiHerald. / There are several scenarios after Venezuela’s sham May 20 elections staged by dictator Nicólas Maduro to re-elect himself for another five years, but most of them lead to the same conclusion: Maduro will proclaim himself the winner, and Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis will worsen.


The so-called election is a joke, and has been called that much by the United States, the European Union and all major Latin American countries.

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The country’s most popular opposition candidates have been banned from running, there will be no credible international observers, and the electoral tribunal is controlled by the government. Virtually all Western democracies have by now said they will not recognize the election results.


Maduro is likely to pick one of three options after the May 20 vote:

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