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This is a Woman’s World

Women can do ‘pretty’ but when it comes to being handy, women have to step aside and that’s just the way things are, right? Wrong! You know how they say everything you can do, I can do better? That may certainly be the case for men and women. Anything a man can do, a woman can definitely do it better, after all, this is a woman’s world!

No matter how much we like to think things have changed, there are still a few people who think a woman can’t do the same jobs as men. Well, in efforts of being bold for change, Flair collaborated with the fabulous Flirt Boutique for international women’s day to pay homage to our women who know how to get down and dirty but still remain sexy and flirty.

Flirt Boutique

Shop #12, Manor Park Plaza

184 Constant Spring Road

Kingston 8

Tel: (876) 931-9332

Shoot Credits:

Creative director: Kimberly Goodall

Models: Migdania Banhan, Celine Deidrick and Krystal Ball

Photographer: Gladstone Taylor


Sam’s AutoTech- 22 Lyndale Avenue, Kingston

Imaginative Farm: St Catherine


© Jorge Plaza Marquez

© Jorge Marquez Plaza

© Jorge Plaza

© Jorge Marquez

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