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Take it easy, Mr Cuffie*

I urge Maxie Cuffie to refrain from exerting mental and physical energies on rebuttals to critics at home. “Totally disgusted”, whether true or not, should not enter in your lexicon at this stage of your rehabilitation and life. The journalist/communicator is a main part of your DNA, and the urge to reply is always so imminent. A debilitating stroke takes a life-long toll on the body—from a close family experience; please take it easy.

© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta
We love you, wish you well, and look forward to your return home. Orvis Noel

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© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta

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