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A narrative filled with inaccuracies, deception*

It would seem that Kamal Persad and his close associates are hell bent on slandering certain members of the African community in T&T for some obscure reason. His letter to the Express of February 6 was first published in his Indian Caribbean Diaspora Newsletter (ICDN). I responded to the errors in that publication on the ICDN’s Facebook page. Without any amendment, Mr Persad simply expanded his slanderous provocation to a greater readership by having the article published in the Express. Some of my former colleagues at The UWI’s Department of History find comic relief in my rebuttal of Kamal Persad and his associates, because no one in the department has ever taken them seriously. 

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© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta

© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta

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