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Griffith crowned Bartica Regatta queen


From left: Second runner-up, Jurusha Ferrell; Queen Amel Griffith; and first runner-up, Tonia Harris (Carl Croker photo) By Gabriella Chapman

AMEL Sigourney Griffith was adjudged Miss Bartica Regatta 2019, outshining eight other beauties who were vying for the coveted title.

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The 18-year-old was crowned in the wee hours of Sunday morning following a night of five competitive segments

The nine delegates competed in opening dance and introduction, talent, swimsuit and evening gown segments

Tonesha Deweever, Shania khan, Adeola Sutherland, Joyann Wong, Sabrina Persaud, Tonia Harris, Soma Lindore, Amel Griffith and Jerusha Ferrell, gave the four judges a tough time in deciding the top three to compete in the final segment

The delegates of the Bartica Regatta 2019 pageant (Carl Croker photo) However, after copping the Miss Intelligence title, Jerusha Ferrell was chosen in the top three

Tonia Harris won the crowd over from her eloquent introduction, and displayed that consistency throughout the evening, winning the Best Talent and Best Evening Gown prizes. It was no question that she would have made the top three

Ferrell, Harris and Griffith competed neck-to-neck in the final question segment, which determined the queen

Griffith, who answered her question dynamically, won over the judges, and walked away with the crown

Harris was adjudged first runner-up, and Ferrell, second runner-up

It was a sister-crowning moment, as Arian Richmond, 2018’s queen, is Griffith’s elder sister

In addition to the crown, Griffith also won the Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Multimedia prizes

The Miss Congeniality prize went to Tonesha Deweever, and winner of the top model segment was Adeola Sutherland

It was a night of grace, poise, talent, elegance and intelligence, well supported by the people of Bartica

The Miss Bartica Regatta Pageant has been in existence since 1957, and is the oldest pageant in Guyana

The beauties who competed for the Regatta crown (DPI photo) Year after year, it is well supported by patrons of the town, and is a part of the tourism attraction package during the Easter holidays

Mayor of Bartica, Gifford Marshall expressed great contentment with the production. He applauded the team of competent Barticians who worked assiduously to ensure excellent execution

Angelica Fredericks, Dwight Beaton and Sonje Marslowe were among the names that were commended

The queen will now reign for one year as ambassador of the ‘Green’ Town