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FANB Keeps up Fight Against Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

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FANB Keeps up Fight Against Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

The FANB reported the detection and deactivation of four improvised explosives in the La Capilla sector of the Paez municipality in western Apure state. 

Colombian terrorist groups are blamed for placing explosives in areas of the southern border state of Apure, according to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

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The head of the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (CEOFANB), Domingo Hernández Lárez, highlighted via Twitter the “fight of the FANB against terrorism and drug trafficking by unscrupulous groups that intend to use our territory as a platform.”

At the end of July, another 30 explosives were deactivated by military officials in Apure state. Hernández Lárez added that illegal airplanes in violation of Venezuelan airspace had been disabled by the FANB during the course of this year. 

Venezuelan Armed Forces operations since 2012 include the destruction of a total of 304 aircraft involved in drug trafficking along with the destruction of over 250 Colombian armed groups’ camps in Apure, and 46 clandestine runways between the states of Zulia and Falcón.

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FANB desactivan cuatro explosivos Tancol improvisando en Apure.

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Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana mantiene una lucha frontal contra el Narcotrafico y los grupos tancol.

— marianyelis (@mariany14639071) September 7, 2022 FANB deactivate four Tancol explosives improvising in Apure.

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Bolivarian National Armed Force maintains a frontal fight against drug trafficking and tancol groups. 

“Conspiracies to sabotage the economic recovery, to attack refineries, public services,” disrupting peace and security in Venezuela were denounced by President Nicolás Maduro last July