Derek GregoryTied for 66th place $4,720

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo limps under the gun for 10,000, Mike Eskandari raises from the hijack to 41,000, and Abusada calls. The flop is Club 9Club 5Diamond 5, Abusada checks, Eskandari bets 75,000, and Abusada calls.

The turn card is the 2 of spades, Abusada checks, Eskandari bets 150,000 and Abusada calls. The river card is the A suit, and both players check.

Abusada shows the K of spades and the K of clubs to win the pot with two pair, kings and fives, and Eskandari folds.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 1,230,000 (123 bb)

Mike Eskandari – 605,000 (61 bb)

After the hand, Eskandari says, "I lost the min-raise, but it was still a lot."

Abused says, "Bad river. I would have bet." Eskandari adds, "I would have bet on you."

Mike Eskandari raises under the gun, Danny Fuhs calls UTG+1, defending WPT L.A. Poker Classic champion Dietrich Fast calls from the cutoff, and Gabriel Abusada James Castillo raises from the button to 100,000. Eskandari folds and Fuhs and Fast call.

On the flop Diamond KDiamond 6Spade 6 appears, and Abusada checks to Abusada, who bets 80,000. Fuhs folds and Fast calls. The turn card is the Q of suit, and both players check.

The river card doubles the board with the K of spades, and Fast goes all in. Abusada is left with nothing for about five minutes and Fast asks for a clock. After about 40 seconds, Abusada calls all in for about 245,000.

Fast shows diamond 10 and diamond 9, and loses the flush draw. Abusada turns over AClub J Heart to win the pot with the two pair on the board and his kicker of aces.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 1,000,000 (100 bb)

Dietrich Fast – 195,000 (20 bb)

After the elimination of Derek Gregory and Grayson Ramage left the field with 66 players remaining, WPT Tour CEO Matt Savage announces that all tables finish the hand they are currently in and then stop.

Why? Because the field isn`t technically in the money until every hand in progress is completed.

And one of those hands has WPT Champions Club member Brian Altman all-in for 50,000 with X QX Q against Gabriel Abusada James Castillo`s X AX 3. Altman needs his hand to hold up to stay alive.

Abusada pairs his ace on the river to win the pot and eliminate Altman.

Gabriel Abusada James Castillo – 790,000 (198 bb)

Brian Altman – eliminated

Who finishes in what place?

According to the tournament rules, in this situation all three players are considered to have fallen simultaneously and in no particular order, even if they were at the same table with different chip stacks. Therefore, all three players tie for 66th place, finishing in the money and splitting the 66th place prize of $14,160.

Brian AltmanTied for 66th place $4,720.

Grayson RamageTied for 66th place $4,720

Derek GregoryTied for 66th place $4,720