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No benefit in boycott

I have been listening very carefully to the call of the President of OWTU to boycott the one per cent in Trinidad and Tobago who are the descendants of the Syrian/Lebanese community and are citizens of T&T by birth. This one per cent is involved in commerce and finance and provides the private sector with employment in the thousands, second to the Government, and supplies the nation with medical supplies, household appliances, food, clothing and they are also chairpersons in most of the financial institutions in T&T.

Mr President, what is the real logic for this boycott? What will 99 per cent of the national population gain from this action? Will you be providing a better service than what is mentioned above, or are the trade unions willing to invest in commerce and finance and absorb all those who will be on the breadline or, for a stronger word, unemployed.

Secondly will unemployment in the private sector benefit the membership of the trade unions? We the population would like to know. Would it solve the crime menace facing the nation?

This writer is of the belief the boycott of the Syrian/Lebanese business community and the targeting of Chinese-owned businesses along with the low production by your membership and other unions and the worldwide recession, will bring T&T to its knees.

Victor Gill
We all know that the trade unionists are saying these things hoping it will bring supper, but there is no benefit in that boycott for you or the nation.

Victor Gill
So I leave with this message?bring good news.



Victor Gill Ramirez

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