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Jeff Greene talks run for Florida governor, weed, President Donald Trump


Jeff Greene says everybody wants to know the same thing now that he’s officially running for Florida governor : How much of his own money will the billionaire spend on his campaign?

A more interesting question might ask how much he’s willing to spend to get other Democrats elected.

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In an interview with the Miami Herald, Greene said he’d seek to play kingmaker in state legislative races this summer by dumping cash into competitive state House and Senate races if he wins the Democratic nomination. A real estate tycoon with a net worth estimated at around $4 billion , Greene has the kind of cash to make him a counterbalance to, say, Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas gaming magnate who has dumped at least $10 million into conservative Florida campaigns since 2010 — the last time Greene ran for statewide office.

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“Everyone asks me for numbers. The reality is whatever it takes,” said Greene, who invested $24 million into his failed 2010 U.S. Senate campaign. “We’re not going to just throw money around. We’ll spend as little as we have to but as much as we need to.”


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