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Hurricane Irma aftermath: Elderly residents stranded in Miami

Stranded without power in the wake of Hurricane Irma, thousands of South Florida seniors have found themselves trapped ? in healthcare facilities, affordable housing apartments and planned retirement communities ? without access to elevators, air conditioning, telephones and even medical devices.

An inconvenience for many, days-long power outages pose a danger to the elderly, particularly those who are frail, a threat underscored Wednesday by the deaths of eight residents at a Hollywood nursing home that had lost power during the storm.

?It?s criminal what they?re doing,? said Sonia Suarez, 72, president of the residents association for Martin Fine Villas, a Miami-Dade County-run public housing center with 62 disabled tenants.

Suarez uses a wheelchair, and she has been unable to recharge her electric wheelchair since the storm knocked out power to the center. Instead, she has been relying on a neighbor to push her wheelchair as she checks on other residents.


© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

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