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IRO president advises fathers to take responsibility

“I think more and more people who can turn their lives in that direction can become instruments in helping to propagate more spirituality in our society.

I think that would certainly be welcomed by all,” Maharaj said in response to a Sunday Newsday article about John’s observances as both a biological father to his three children and an earthly shepherd (or Father) to his congregation.

Maharaj said he knew people who made that decision while their spouses were still alive saying that should be a consensual decision and not an individual decision.

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“Like in the case of some men, the wife is happy that he turned to spirituality and not that he is leaving and going into another relationship.

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I feel that is a positive move in society.” Asked what his advice would be to the nation’s fathers, he said, “We need to be a little bit more responsible and accepting your responsibility is the biggest thing.”


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