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Head of Miami-Dade schools slams Legislature over funding

While the state?s leaders congratulated themselves at the Capitol on a job well done as Gov. Rick Scott signed two sweeping education reforms into law on Sunday, Miami?s leading educator was raging against their budget as ?historically disappointing to South FL schools.?

Alberto Carvalho, superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, is a loud voice in Florida?s education community as the award-winning leader of the fourth largest district in the nation. In recent days, he?s used that voice to let the Legislature know his disappointment.

?Where?s the fairness or equity in this budget for our children and teachers or our taxpayers who disproportionately contribute to the state?s coffers?? Carvalho asked in a series of scathing tweets criticizing the Legislature.

?Are South Florida?s children not children of the same God?? read another.


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