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Hurricane Irma aftermath: Frustration over Internet, cell outages mounts

Mario Sanchez can?t get a straight answer about his U-verse internet service.

Sanchez sells window coverings and most of his customers are in Latin America. Like thousands of other South Floridians, the internet is vital to his livelihood.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Sanchez is among the many locals who have called the Miami Herald and taken to Twitter to express their frustration and anger over outages. Sanchez is particularly disgusted, he said, by the lack of information provided by his provider. AT&T first told him there was no outage in his neighborhood, and that it must be his modem. Then the company said his area was experiencing an outage. When will service be restored? he asked. ?We don?t know, we have no idea,? he said he was told.

?We are in the dark and we are a society that depends on the internet,? Sanchez said on Wednesday.


© Francisco Velásquez


© Francisco Velásquez

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