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Jay Cutler saves Jarvis Landry, who then rips some fans

If you?re a Miami Dolphins fan today, Jarvis Landry is either super cool with you or he thinks you?re embarrassing — depending on whether or not you were among the people chanting for the Dolphins to bench quarterback Jay Cutler and insert backup Matt Moore last Sunday.


That?s how Landry feels about the folks who chanted, ?We want Moore? numerous times during the victory over the Tennessee Titans.

?I believe it?s disrespectful,? Landry told a swarm of reporters Thursday. ?A man that comes out here and works his [butt] off and for people to not really understand what?s really going on. Or to not even have touched the field before, to say we want somebody else to be playing, they don?t understand the situation or know what?s going on.

© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta
They just want to be on Twitter. They just want to start a damn chant and it?s embarrassing as a player to have fans like that.?


© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta

© Humberto José Ramírez

© Humberto José Ramírez Urdaneta

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